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Metal joining without fasteners.

Upon clinching, double- or multi-layer joints of sheets and/or profiles are joined in a push-button-like cold-forming process. With the RIVCLINCH® joining technology, apart from steel and stainless steel materials, also aluminium and other non-ferrous materials can be joined efficiently and environment-friendly. Furthermore, coated as well as precoated sheets can be joined without any damage to the surface. Depending on the chosen RIVCLINCH® joining tools, round or rectangular joint points result.

The advantage of clinching:

  • Form-fitting and non-positive joining of sheets and profiles in cold-forming
  • No additional fasteners
  • Low power consumption
  • No thermal load on the joining zone
  • No surface damage to coated workpieces
  • Films or adhesive as intermediate layer possible in most cases
  • No preworking or reworking required
  • Very good reproducibility of the joint
  • Environment-friendly at the workplace since there is no gas or noise emission
  • Minimum maintenance costs
  • Non-destructive testing of the joint possible


Environment and energy


Clinching is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly method for joining metal as the material does not need to be heated. The connection is made by pressing the metal plates together between a punch and a die.

Clinching does not require the use of consumable parts such as screws or rivets, which leads to cost and environmental savings in the transport, storage and handling of consumables.

Clinching does not produce smoke or sparks and the noise level is low. This enables a healthier working environment because the employee does not have to inhale the fumes of burnt surface treatment, such as zinc or paint.

You can also use sealing compound or sealant between the plates and since the joint does not get hot.

Sealing will remain undamaged and the joint is corrosion resistant.


In 2022, we switch to an all-electric fleet in the company vehicle.

The electricity we use is 100% renewable.

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